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The happiest girl is me, Dahée (hi)

Dahée Zoé -

Dahée Zoé of Hanyang / Dahée Zoé de Hanyan 

 I was born in 1994 to a traditional aristocratic family in Korea. I am specialized in portrait and haute couture. My unique universe of art is based on aristocratic and traditional Korean culture with a touch of Parisien chic. 


Since a very young age, I was educated to become an artist. Then I began my professional careers at the age of 17. At 18, I moved to Paris and was taught photography in EFET Paris(Enseignement Supérieur Privé Photographie Audiovisuel, member of Réseau Grandes Ecoles), began working for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, W, Schön, et cætera. My first exhibition, <Je te regarde> was held in Seoul 2014, after the first successful exhibition I had several exhibitions in Paris, Seoul, and Arles Photo Festival. 


 I use special classic lighting technics to express my universe, which I have learned from Mr. Hervé Bruhat (Photographer, formal light assistant of Paolo Roversi) and by the legendary Parisien studio since 1920's Studio Harcourt. I have been taught by Sir Dominique Gaëssler(Edituer, Knight of arts and letters of France), and Mr. Hervé Le Goff (Art Critic, Journalist).

Since I was very young I've been obsessed("possessed") with the "Gandhara Art", I am researching and working on Gandhara Art- the Ancient Indo-Greco Buddhist Art. Enjoying adventures by traveling London, Paris, New York, Thailand, and Seoul for my researches and studies. My universe of art is now in the process to be deeper and more unique.



 I am based in Paris (Atelier at rue Monge in the 5th arrondissement) and Seoul ("Salon de Hanyan" Itaewon), visiting New York regularly, I live between all of these cities to work on my Art / Commercial works and haute couture projects.

Represntée by Art Firm, Seoul, S. Korea

Also available to work in free-lancer / independent position


Inquiry open worldwide



(sorry, I don't have my own cool email :o )

Representée by

Art Firm Seoul

Managed by Executive Director YOON

+82 70-4801-6952


Sur demande / Inquiry 

PARIS, 75005




<Salon de Hanyan>

258, Hannam-dong 

Yongsan-gu, Seoul, S. KOREA

+82 70-7808-1895

Bisous ;*

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